Migration in progress

I'm migrating the service to another server. DNS changes take up to 48 hours to propagate. Stuff can stop working. Please be patient and send an email to contact@jcarreras.es if the problem remains. Thanks!

What is RaspCTL Dynamis DNS?

Is a Dynamic DNS service for the Raspberry Pi community. Is meant to be easy to install and configure, and you will be able to have you own domain name and share your projects with the World more easily.

Documentation, Download and Install

Well, if you don't know anything about what is the DNS (Domain Name Service) is, or what a Dynamic DNS is, please read the introduction page where I try to describe what is it, how it works and how RaspCTL can help you setting up you own Dynamic DNS domain (really easy, I promise).

  1. Introduction: very basic introduction, mostly theory but interesting and useful if you are new in this world.
  2. How to set it up
  3. After install



Foo bar?
Dashboard view
Change IP

Yep... just three screenshots because there is nothing else to show =) Is THAT simple


I'm Jan Carreras, a student and owner of a Raspberry Pi who want give to the Internet community something in exchange for all the knowladge, tools, fun and images of cats I've been enjoying 'til today. Thanks to everybody. This are my two cents. Peace.

Final note: This software is still in Beta version. Keep that in mind if something does not work properly or as expected. Don't have any problem to contact me, though.